Je suis Charlie.(for people who speak english)

A drama … again.

Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

I could not be left on my humble blog, which has nothing to do with humor, with caricature, with journalism …

But this one is called « Positive human relations » and I think we can admit that it was not really a « positive human relationship » to want to say weapons disagreement …

As a Christian, I can not always love all the cartoons made by the caricaturist … unless they were made with intelligence and without malice …

Or to follow more or less the dead cartoonists Wednesday the 7th January  for hearing, seeing their pictures I think it was human beings GOOD, with quality as a major open-mindedness, kindness and freedom of words and thoughts.

Le christ Caricaturé

Le christ Caricaturé

Their designing were primarily to reflect.

What they do not love above all, it was bullshit and wickedness. And that’s why they were fighting against. And what bullshit to kill people because of their beliefs. What a crock of removing girls to go sell the pretext that they were Christian. What a crock of wanting to give us the « gender theory » and we believe that there would be no « feminine » or « masculine » but that it would only be a choice. What bullshit to think that because someone is not a Christian, then he is as good as another. What bullshit to think that killing cartoonists, it will advance the cause of Muslims …

Une réunion des religions d'après Charlie Hebdo

Une réunion des religions d’après Charlie Hebdo

Charlie Hebdo was anti bullshit, fundamentalism, war …

For reflective and intelligent people, nothing should shock in their drawings but it was that laugh. And above all think. But unfortunately some do not have this quality because we think they instilled fear, hatred, violence. And it made them blind.



Nothing should shock the inside. Of course it is a provocation.

God gave freedom to all of us to do what pleases him. He gave us values, basic principles for living in society. But in any case it forced us to live according to these bases.

So for people like that we would be forced? Of which they hold this power? On Allah? Lol, In the Qur’an, it is said that love, peace and freedom …

I do not believe in Allah such as Muslims may believe, but I have great respect for their Book for the words which are written therein are there to live in peace.



And fundamentalists themselves have no respect for the Qur’an they do it in the Name of Allah, because they do not respect what is written there …

And it is against this blindness Stephane Charbonnier (Charb), Jean Cabut (Cabu), Georges Wolinski and Bernard Verlhac (Tignous) wanted to fight.

What about me?

I am who to write this article? No One. I’m not worth a quarter to half a hundredth of what these artists were worth. But I think at least one thing. This is freedom.

The freedom to love, to talk, to walk, to travel, to draw.

These criminals to assassinate this freedom, but I think they have been successful only woke apathy in which one sinks gradually … for how long?

La liberté d'expression passera par moi aussi

La liberté d’expression passera par moi aussi

I like Human being who want to give their love, generosity, selflessness, kindness. I love you Charb, Cabu, Georges Wolinski and Tignous.


Thank you if you follow this article wherever you can … Not for me, but for freedom and continues for as long as possible the spirit of these talented artists.

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